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Come on in and see some of my recent travel pictures from a quick trip to Asia

Also some Wash DC pics are up


Mexico & Cent America Africa


Flags of Countries I visited Page


President Reagan

President Reagan


All pics now posted for Mexico & Central America, a trip cut cruelly short by idiots in El Salvador who decided to steal my backpack, dooming the rest of my trip. I will pick up where I left off in 2015.

BSG Original Viper Let's Have a Closer Look
Orion capsule
ISS and Shuttle
Waiting for Luke Battledroid SS1 Stormtrooper


Some pix from my brief visit there


Solar Eclipse 2012 & Egypt




Click here for the Space Mission Page

After the Shuttle: Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) & More



G. Lucas 2005
When I was young
SF Asian Museum
Amgen Tour of CA 2010

Alma Mater

Women of Accomplishment (and Friends)

Becki Tiana Marisa
The Chocolate Architect
The Composer
The Chef & Author
Valerie Cynthia Lynn Johnson Emilie
The Pole Dancing Instructor
The Personal Trainer
The Photographer

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